Unboxing Purple Rachel Ray Cookware / Hard Anodized cookware / 14 piece Non Stick Cookware /QVC

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Oh my god, you see that a little bit grandma, Kita, and some boxes. I’m so excited,  guess what? I got oh my goodness. So, I’m hoping this one already, because I could not wait.

Okay, guys, went ahead and stuck with my breach already, right, so look what I’ve got. I got this Rachael Ray, favorite color right, so this is my birthday gift, some of our fans on the 24th inside. This is what I really wanted, and I should just like my first layer in the first place.

It’s a whole thing now, I don’t my kids are all older, so I do enough to get back. Now poof, you know, you grow to win for your birthday. This is Rachel Ray to the nonstick.

Oh, look at the strainer now, this is where I bought the set for. This strainer here, well, because this is my strainer, about this, it was like $1 somewhere, and it just blows up.  You know whatever, but I’ve never used it. It’s at the bottom of your pair because it has these little feet, it just sits in the bottom of your pan.

But I’ve never used it, so I wanted to go ahead, and get something, then I will actually use it. Oh, I am still trying to use this and then ask this one, and this is a four-quart saucepan. But I like it, because of the hard anodized, so that you can use the Ayesha curry ones. They did scratch up, because uh it wasn’t her anodized, but this is my first set, wait for a minute guy, no worm can cook, but I’m ready to cook something.

Look at that saucepan, that is really big, and this is on the largest eye there, so that’s a good size and then this one that’s a good size, and I minor one back there, and I went these tops. Because you can also do it, like that, you know usually you have, because I’m so excited to use that cookware.

I wish, it was, but let’s take one, and I figure, hey, it is what it is. Maybe I’ll keep that up I’m current. So, I wanted this, that also because there’s a baking pan, you have the purple, can you see that purple right? here’s another purple, and I want it this one.

Because this is my little cheap Walmart pan, I’ve got this pan so long, but all I do is, put a little oil on there, cover it up,  nobody knew, but I think it’s kind of retire her. I don’t beekeeper, because oh nobody must have my Rachael Ray. Let’s get that, that is gorgeous.

I love this, I don’t know how ready, I’m ready to bake something, all right now, these tops, don’t flip over, I don’t think I’m gonna try it. But these have two different handle, but that’s okay, so this is the spoon Mueller the mixer, now if you watch my other videos, you know our language, the Rachael Ray, and orange mother lazy spoons with her Nestor.

I like using this, from this pancake, flipping pancakes, and on this, you have a largest formula, and that 3-piece set. I hope I’m in frame guys now this one, this is a one quart and you see that purple handle, the only thing about this, I love this, because Rachael Ray was smart.

I like the other set, I have this is cool touch handle, um no stick, but it’s only one quart.  So, you see how small that is, so I’ll probably only use this, for like it’s just two people in the household right now sometimes three. I figured, if I’m cooking for more than three, I can always double up there, this is a 2 quart one. Oh my god, guys, you guys, can’t see this purple is? I love it, and it’s kind of like an angle. You see my angle, maybe that it’s not like the spilling over, this one is a 6-10 core, and this one is a three core with the saucepan.

Now I will say, I believe these are smaller look, well this is deeper. I think that’s smaller then I use occurring for that more and those definitely, this one is smaller but I think it makes up for it, because you connect them so you can’t flip it over. Their face that’s pretty cool, oh and that’s a nice, because it fits, flush it does, not like that handle will stop it from sitting inside.

It’s the little things that excite you, as you get older, and I’m just so but you want start to change. Look that purple right there, that’s what it is alright guys, that’s it I so love to share my excitement for my Rachael Ray cookware.

Thanks for watching, that’s all for now, guys.

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