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Reviews NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven

Reviews NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven with Integrated Digital Temp

Reviews NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven with Integrated Digital Temp – Favorite countertop oven is now even better. Introducing the NuWave primo grill oven. The world’s first culinary miracle combines the flavor of the grill with the power of an oven. That’s right, it’s a grill in an oven.

Reviews NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven

Reviews NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven
Motor 300-Watt Power Base Blades Interchangeable Flat & Cross blades
Controls Digital Display Container 20-ounce
Open Specifications

The secret to the primo is smart tech cooking technology. Its conduction cooking combined with the power of a convection oven, and powerful infrared technology with an incredible grill base. The exclusive nonstick grill base evenly distributes heat for food that’s beautifully charred on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside.

Without flipping with primo, you can broil roast grill, big air fryer, braise, dehydrate, and sear with one machine in a fraction of the time. No boards of frosting food, no more sink full of dirty pots and pans.  With primo, you just touch and go from frozen to fabulous in minutes.

Primo also features top-bottom cooking technology that lets you control whether he comes from raised the bottom temperature for perfectly browned, crispy, crust, then lower the top, eat for gooey, melted cheese on pizza. That doesn’t burn, compact, and super lightweight. Take it right to the tabletop plus its dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Best Seller

Reviews NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven
NuWave Primo with Digital Temperature Probe
Price: $159.00
The versatile 7-piece NuWave Twister Kit can be yours for free. The multipurpose NuWave Twister lets you chop, grind, grate, mix and blend all in one powerful, yet compact machine. And when you order the 7-piece kit, you’ll get 2 containers, each with its own seal and store lid.

Now it’s easier to stay healthy, manage your weight, and fight illness without giving up the foods you love. The Primo’s been tested and proven to release up to 250% more fat drippings compared to conventional ovens. In fact, you could reduce your family’s monthly fat intake by a whopping 6.5 cups by cooking a chicken dinner in the Primo just three times per week.

Final Thought

The Primo also cooks up to 70% faster than conventional ovens so you can actually enjoy your meals and spend more quality time with family and friends.

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