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Review Rachael Ray Cookware

Review Rachael Ray Cookware

Review Rachael Ray Cookware – Today, I am going to be reviewing this Rachel Ray, a piece set of cookware hard iron anodized cookware. I am gonna be unboxing it. I haven’t looked into it yet, and then I’m also gonna be trying it out. So, you can see how it works on the stove, and I think it costs around 190 dollars something like that.

Review Rachael Ray Cookware

Review Rachael Ray Cookware
2 Quart Saucepans 6 Quart Stockpot 3 Quart Sauté Pan 10-Inch Frying Pans
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Alright, so first of all, it came like this, all packaged up like this in the mail. So, it comes like they’re very well protected. So, I’m gonna start showing you, all the stuff that comes in the box. All the 10 pieces that it brings. So, I’m going to start out with the skillets, and the skillets are the eight and a half-inch, and the 10-inch skillet.

Review Rachael Ray Cookware


They don’t have a lid. They just come like this, and they have their handle that says Rachael Ray on it right there. It is rubbery, and then it has like the hole right here. So, if you want to hang them, you can hang them also in the back. They do say the name, they say you know, they have the signature right there, and it says Rachael Ray hard anodized dishwasher safe cookware.

All of them say exactly the same thing, except that each of them also has their measurements. So, this one says 10 inch or 25.4 centimeters, and this one says 8 and a half inch, or 21.5 centimeters, then we have the two saucepans, and we have a one-quart saucepan, and a 2-quart saucepan. They bring their lid and they also say in the back like this one. Says 1 quart or point 9 liters, and this one says to court.

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I’m gonna break it from the get-go didn’t break. Okay, so this one says two cores or 1.9 liters in the back,  this is the 3-quart covered sauté pan and all of them. All of them have like this, rubbery handle right here, that says Rachael Ray on it, with the hole on the handle. It also has a lid, and also the lid has the rubbery thing to grab because you know so you don’t get your fingers to burn.

And this lid feels very strong. I just dropped it, and nothing happened to it, and I dropped them all the time. I’m always dropping a little is all right, so this is a 3 quart 2.8 liter saute pan, look how they’re constructed right here really strong, see the youth side right there. I have some that are like screws, and they’re always coming loose, but hopefully, this one doesn’t come loose.

It’s not a screw, and the last one that we have and the biggest one of them all. It’s the 6-quart covered stockpot, so this is where you wouldn’t make your bigger stuff like chicken stock, or like veggie stock, or like soups like that kind of thing for my family. This isn’t big enough for like soup for all of us, but I have a huge one like a Tom Alera, sort of thing for that, but this really comes in handy, especially, when I’m gonna make spaghetti, and I need to boil it.

Review Rachael Ray Cookware

So, this one looks like this. They’re really nice, and one thing that I was looking for in my cookware was that. The actual main body of it was a dark color because they tend to get darker, and I do have other ones that are like nice colors, but then they get really dark, and they start getting black all around here.  And I hate that, I want them to look pretty. So, I’m glad that this is dark, and that’s why I chose this one.

You can watch the video for further information 🙂

Final Verdict

I love that quality on them, also another thing that I noticed is that on the big skillet. You could actually use one of the lids from the pots. And if it’s perfectly on it, so you could use that on there. I’m the smaller skillet you can, but you could use it on the bigger skillet. I don’t know how long they’re gonna last. Only time will tell as long as they’re taken care of.

I think that they will last a lot longer, don’t forget that you cannot use any metal on them. Because you will ruin them, you could use rubber spatulas, you can use silicon spatulas plastic, and you’ll be fine also. Don’t use scouring pads that are like metal, like steak, like those steel wool things.

Don’t use those things that come off really easily. If you just soak it sometimes, if something has actually gotten stuck because you put really high heat, and you didn’t take care of it. You could always soak it and it will soften up and it will come right off.

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