Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 12-Piece

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Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 12-Piece – When Rachel says to me Albany, when I was designing cookware and I really wanted to go to, two important pieces both of them are in this set.

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 12-Piece

Yep, my first two shapes, I wanted to design, I lived in a very tiny apartment and I only had a 24-inch stove. It was not a full-size stove. I do large burners but I could never cook in two large pots at the same time because the pots were round and they simply wouldn’t fit.

She went across the surface, so I wanted to design two pieces that were oval in shape to allow them, to sit very close, to each other in a very tiny space. Okay, with a huge capacity and then I wanted to know is there a material, that I could put in the oven as these bands can to 400 degrees lids to go to 350 and use on the stovetop.

So, that if you could only own two pots your entire life, one pan, one pot, and you had a good knife a large cutting board in a colander. You could make anything, so this pan has a short handle, on one side, and a long handle, on the other, because it’s not only a saute pan, it’s a roasting pan, nice.

So, when I take the lid off, I can put a whole chicken in there, right, or a turkey breast bone, and skin on turkey breast, or a pork loin on, and on yeah I can or it’s deep enough that I can make soup stew chili cioppino clams.

Whatever and it’s a see-through lid, so I could see when seafood opens. It’s also shallow enough and it has a skillet handle, so I can make one egg over easy, one burger, one sandwich like a grilled cheese, sure, so in this pan, we can do all of that in this pot.

It’s eight quarts, it’s an enormous capacity, it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space,  because it’s not tall and rounds sure. It’s low and long, this is huge, you can do a huge standing rib roast for the holiday.

You can do a whole turkey breast, you can do an enormous full pork loin, and you can also do up to two pounds of pasta at a time, you can make of that of chili for a Superbowl party.

I mean on, and on, and on, you could do a whole clambake in here. 12 ears of corn, two lobsters, I mean it enormous pop and this pot alone is only ninety-nine dollars. So, let’s check the price, you cannot buy a pot that has stay-cool handles with a dot of color with the see-through lid.

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