Rachael Ray 12-pc Gradient Porcelain Enamel Cookware Set with Mary Beth Roe

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Rachael Ray 12-pc Gradient Porcelain – Angel and I did not know until today that we’re both August babies, that’s right. So there you go. Hi! Good on that, so many August babies; my husband, my brother, my nephew, the two of us so popular month.

Rachael Ray 12-pc Gradient Porcelain

It’s like summer Christmas exactly, that is it’s great to have your birthday, right in the middle of the year, we’re going to talk about the cookware, and in fact, if you have this cookware, feel free to give us a call on our testimonial line, because everybody raves about this cookware.

First of all, she brought us the Oval pots, she was the first one to do that, and why did you do that. I created these two pots, these two shapes for the kitchen is my very first kitchen design, because I lived in a teeny tiny apartment, that had a tiny little stove.

It wasn’t a full-sized stove, it was a little engine that could stove, and it was very narrow, and I could never fit too large round pots next to each other on the stove, so by making them oval shape, you can tilt them a little.

So you can fit more food on the stove at the same time. I also wanted to design two pots, that between the two pans, you could cook literally everything from pounds of pasta to one steak, or one egg, or one grilled cheese sandwich. The five-quart pan with the helper handle goes in and out of the oven 350 for the lid, 400 for the pots you can make roast chicken in it, or a roast pork loin on the stovetop.

It’s still a skillet, so you can make one egg, or you can make a huge chippy, no like we have over here. It has a see-through lid, so you know when the muscles are open, and you know when the dish is done, and with the helper handle. You can get it in and out of the oven to roast things, everything else like multiple pounds of pasta or a dozen years of corn, and we’re all making corn on the cob this time of the year, lasagna noodle is on an earlier go into the large oval now.

Just watch the video 🙂

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