Rachael Ray 10-pc Gradient Porcelain Enamel Cookware Set on QVC

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Huff, and when it does, you’re in the right place at the right time, because what you’re dealing with is, the lowest price. You’re going to see this item for six months. We should also tell you that this is an expiring offer. The offer will expire at end of day or when the item sells out whichever comes first.

That’s right, so this is why you want to get yours now. Now, Rachel, you put the what course pieces in here, and we also included some. First, like that steamer insert, but why don’t we start with your baby. Well you know, I designed my first two pans for the kitchen in an oval shape. So that you can put two large pans next to each other in a very small space, because my husband, I have a very small stove in our old apartment.

So, I was always struggling to make dinner for more than two people. Because I couldn’t put two large vessels next to each other, so the oval solves that problem. It’s heavy enough to conduct the heat of course evenly, and the other terrific thing about, this 8 quart not 6 but 8 huge pin is that the oval shape if you love to cook pasta, you just drop it.

You don’t have to wait as you do in a round pot and keep twisting it for the spaghetti to bend to your will, you just drop it in, and walk away. And with 8 quarts, you can cook 12 ears of corn, 2 and a half pounds of pasta.

You know that of chili, or soup, or stew, or money nada. It’s a huge vessel. These also you can roast it of course, and put a standing rib roast in their giant roast beef, rows chickens. What-have-you the see-through lids are lovely if you’re steaming things and waiting for seafood to open.

Now, this you know, I’m a hard-anodized girl, but these material QVC customers requested. They wanted the kind of hombre finish, that flame finish with the gradient color. They wanted all nonstick on the interior in every size. They love having a porcelain enamel outside because they want to color all over, and everybody kept asking me, not everybody, but several people asked over the course beer.

We need a steamer in one of the sets. This is the only set we sell, that has the steamer insert for your 3-quarts pot exactly, so it’s a big set with a lot of versatility, and it was really designed by QVC customers. Well our customers wanted a one a half quart covered sauce Arden my reach Rachel then we’ve got it in the 8-inch skillet.

We have a 10 inch skillet, this is a big 12 inch deep almost. Well, it’s a good slightly curved but it’s a deep saucepan, yeah, then you got your 3-quart sauce, which is great.  I love this for soup because it’s the perfect size for soup, great, and then of course, that steamer insert which Rachel talks about, and then the big Dutch oven, or the stockpot.

This one is 8 quarts sometimes, they’re 5 or 6 quarts in a set like this. This one’s 8 so imagine soup stews chilies, chicken dumplings, or pasta, the super deep skillet is also terrific for frying, if you like fried chicken, and you know fried potatoes, but we’ve got a vat of sauce here.

The pan is only half full, and here’s the spaghetti. We’re dropping into the boiling water and see, you just walk away, but what’s great about, that oval shape is. It has a very streamlined, it takes up a very small footprint. If you turn it, kind of on an angle or straight back, no let me go to colors real quickly, and tell you red is what we have up top, and we purposely put red up here, because we know that our foodies love red on in the kitchen, with David as well as QVC.

So this is a chance for you to enjoy the red then I’ve got it for you. Here this color is blue, here’s green, this one is orange, but this one we call marine blue. I hesitated for a moment because I want to make sure, I call them the right thing. This is the marine blue, kind of a blue green teal, kind of a teal, yeah, which is really lovely and this represents a 30% savings off the regular QVC price.

The rest? Just watch my video 🙂

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