Classic 10.5-Inch Toss-and-Turn Stir Fry Pan
Classic 10.5-Inch Toss-and-Turn Stir Fry Pan

Classic 10.5-Inch Toss-and-Turn Stir Fry Pan


Classic 10.5-Inch Toss-and-Turn Stir Fry Pan from Circulon for retail price $24.99. Get more discount today in our store. Don’t Miss it!

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Classic 10.5-Inch Toss-and-Turn Stir Fry Pan – Crafted from heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum, this fry pan is sturdy sufficient for on a regular basis use to experiment with new, thrilling recipes and cooking methods in the kitchen. A thick, cast base is designed to heat evenly, eliminating scorching spots for fantastically browned results on any stovetop.

Classic 10.5-Inch Toss-and-Turn Stir Fry Pan

Classic 10.5-Inch Toss-and-Turn Stir Fry Pan
Type: Stir Fry
Brand: Circulon
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Sizzle, sear and simmer with an essential deep frying pan that includes heavy-duty hard-anodized construction and the TOTAL Nonstick System of raised circles and triple layer, premium high quality nonstick for long-lasting meals release and easy cleanup. Deeper cookware profile for big one-pan recipes.

Cookware Set

Gleaming mirror-polished exteriors, dishwasher secure convenience, and the proper sear from beautiful stainless steel pots and pans. Induction-ready, double full cap bases characteristic copper cores for fast, even heat. Savor the fun of connoisseur cooking with top-level performance cookware outfitted with forged stainless steel handles and domed lids to lock in warmth and flavor.


You’ll by no means use your colander again. A multi-role straining saucepan includes a deep-rimmed lid with handy straining holes that align with pouring spouts. Premium-quality nonstick and long-lasting durability for limitless prep and serve of sauces, soups, veggies, pasta, and more.

Dutch Oven

Traditional Dutch oven with lid is good for making savory sauces, rich pasta dishes, and slow-cooked meats. Stove-to-oven workhorse is ideal for one-pot meals and vacation specialties. Square pan profile offers 27% more cooking surface for higher searing and browning.

Frying Pan

Sear and simmer at the similar time with hard-anodized frying pans prized for his or her efficient, even heat distribution. Flared rims enable for drip-free pouring and premium-quality nonstick stands as much as the trials of the kitchen.


This generously sized saute pan enhances different gadgets in the SmartStack collection to give you all of the items you need in just two short stacks under 13-inches to save 62% extra cupboard space. Patented interlocking handles maintain the pans suspended to guard the nonstick floor, shatter-resistant glass lids stack independently or as a part of the set, and all of the items stack that will help you stay organized while defending cookware surfaces.


Prepare Asian favorites and other on a regular basis connoisseur dishes utilizing this ample, induction-compatible nonstick wok with a lid. Durable, hard-anodized construction crafted with copper delivers optimum warmth control, and the wok features flat rivets and premium-quality nonstick for the smoothest stir fry surface but. Oven protected to 500°F.

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