Equipment Review: My Tfal Expert Pro Stainless Steel Skillet

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Hey guys, Richard Blaine here, thanks for stopping by my easy Cooking Channel tonight. I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, and if you went out on Black Friday, went after-sales.

I hope you got everything you were looking for. Today, we do a rather short video, well I might end up a little bit longer than, but today I’m going to do another product review.

I’ve been doing the recipes with my go wise turbo air fryer lately, and I’m going to continue doing some, but I have another product that I’d like to show you guys in review because people have been sending me emails lately, bland good, mister blade Richard show us some of the gear.

You use it in your kitchen, and so tonight I decided I’m going to show you, a piece of gear that I use in my kitchen isn’t almost a nightly basis, when I’m not using the air fryer, and that’s a stainless steel skillet.

Well okay, I know you guys think, oh wow stainless steel skillet, you know stuff first, when I ain’t using it, and actually things don’t burn it to a stainless steel skillet if you use it correctly don’t let the heat get you, but this isn’t just any stainless steel skillet.  This is my t-fal expert Pro 12-inch stainless steel skillet.

Okay this riser technology, okay this is a beautiful stainless steel pan, alright this is just a wonderful past, probably the best thing was steel skillet I’ve ever had, and I have some expensive gear like all clad, and I use this more than my all clad.

So tonight I’m going to review this t-fal expert Pro 12-inch skillet. Let’s get going, let’s a review, and let’s go something. So here we are, this is my t-fal expert from 12-inch stainless steel skillet and by the way, I’m not being paid to review this. This skillet was not supplied to me to review, this is a piece of my own gear, and this is my honest review.

Just watch my video 🙂

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